WORLD’S WORST BLOGGER. I know. I just can’t seem to find the time to update, or read about your lives. Forgive me. I’ll get better, but for now, a post.

2014 Easter Beach Run

We arrived in Daytona late last night and were up at 7am to run our 4 mile race. Beat last year’s time by about 3 minutes, and I did it under 40 minutes. Go me! I ran barefoot, again, and am now paying for it with VERY painful and VERY big blood blisters. Joy. However, this was Charlee’s first race (she did two miles) where she got a medal at the end. She was so excited. It was awesome. And she is totally proud of the fact that she outrun the firemen ;)

The rest of the day so far has consisted of hobbling around, being carried by Taylor, an alcoholic drink that came with a rubber shark but seemed to be missing alcohol (not cool) , and the pool.

I’m officially exhausted and want to go to bed. I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter, if that’s your thing. If not, I hope your enjoying your weekend ;)

Throwback Thursday: Warrior Dash 2014

Official photos! They turned out so great :) And as an added bonus they were FREE and of high quality. Whattttt? First race EVER where photos have been free- especially being so large. Love it! Do this race!

P.S. Taylor is a giant goof :P

I am on the pill, but I’ve been on it for years now. Since I was 16. But now that you say that I wonder if all my craziness and depression started when I started the pill and I just never connected the dots. Do you use any alternative now?

Life has been busy for me lately. Ups and downs, good days, bad days, aches and pains…

I wanna say around Wednesday I started feeling down, and it kept getting worse until Friday, where I was a mess. I only got out of bed to eat and shower. Crying came easily and I just felt defeated. I didn’t want to talk, I just wanted to be alone. On top of all that, my sex drive had completely disappeared. I didn’t even want to kiss taylor, which made me feel bad because he started thinking it was him, that he had done something. Not the case at all. So we went out on a date night Friday night. It went better than I expected. I wasn’t completely shut off. The next morning I still felt out of it- not myself. I told taylor how much I hated feeling like this. So depressed. I hadn’t felt like that in a long time. So I shaved his hair, and we left for the Warrior Dash. That race was just what I needed! My spirits were lifted so much once it was over. I was so excited the entire race, and even more excited once it was over to get home with Taylor ;)

During these days of feeling down, and still up to this day, Taylor has been making me take my vitamins religiously, as well as a protein pill. He thinks it was from all the exercising I did last week. Not enough nutrition. I don’t know what it was. I thought I ate pretty darn good that week, but maybe not? I don’t know. I still feel down, just not as bad.

So apart from that little issue, it has been a good last couple of days. Like I said, I shaved Taylor’s head. He is bald once again. It was funny- when I was shaving I came across a blue patch from the Color Run. That dye is hard to get out! I also found where all those spiders were coming from. There is a hole in the wall by our shower, so I taped that sucker up. Haven’t seen one since :) I also plasti dipped by wheels. They are no longer an ugly chrome color, but a pretty dark gray.

I won’t be running until my race on Saturday. I want to run before then, however my arch has gotten worse, and it really doesn’t need any added pressure. So I will be resting it for now. I’m hoping to fit in a workout video at some point this week though.

I’m also having weird jaw pain. I went to see the dentist today and she said it seems as if my jaw has popped out of place, and now it’s just aching. It sucks because I wanna eat, but it hurts so much, and I keep catching myself clenching. Not good.

Anyways. That is my life right now. Pretty eh.

Warrior Dash 2014

SO. MUCH. FUN. The distance was very disappointing- only 2.4 miles (according to the website it was suppose to be 3.1 miles. Not even close!). However, the obstacles were fun. We had to climb over walls, jump over cars, swim through FREEZING COLD water, walk a plank with muddy water spraying in our eyes, wade through mud pits, and my favorite obstacle of all (if you can even call it that): the giant mud slide at the end! Then we got our awesome medal, some awesome free beer, and some great music. 

I know I’ve been pretty absent lately, just a lot going on. I’ll have to do an update later tonight, cause I know you all miss my life ;)


and my bathroom too!

littlerunnergurl said: welp… ya gotta burn those shorts now…

I ran into another one after my run. I think it is just the same one coming back from the dead to haunt me. Evil spiders. 

The plan was 2 miles with the boys, but I had to stop early because of my arch. I speed walked .32 miles so I technically did over 2 miles ;) I was hoping the KT tape would help, but it didn’t. I think I’ve just pulled a muscle and need to roll and flex it lots before running. My pace was awesome though - me trying to keep with the men ;)
Then after the run they decided to mess with my cars computer. Now when I lock my car from the outside my windows close :D

Now for my favorite part of the day- DINNER.

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Omg omg omg omg

I’m freaking out. I went to pick my running shorts up of the ground and I was so close to stepping into them until a giant ass spider fell out. OMG. Plus I already ran into one this morning after my shower. No no no no no. I’m so grossed out.

Stretching. Lots and lots of stretching. I did a Jillian Michaels workout video today (No More Trouble Zones), and it was hard. Not because the moves are hard or anything, I’ve worked out to that video so much that I’ve memorized it. It was hard because I am still SO sore from Mondays workout. I felt like by abs were going to shred apart and my legs were going to collapse beneath me. That’s a good thing though. Means my body is getting a GOOD workout. 

Now I just want to eat everything in the fridge, plus everything in the pantry. Must. Restrain. Myself.

My food photos never look as appetizing and good as all of yours, however this was amazing. My go to breakfast every morning. Multigrain English muffin, tofutti cream cheese, a meatless breakfast patty, and nutritional yeast. Yummy in my tummy.

-I tried avocado again the other day. Again I don’t like it
-More adulting: just purchased a really nice vaccuum that hopefully, judging the price, should last us the rest of our lives. Why are they so expensive? It’s purple though, so yay!
-I finally landed on buying a rain jacket with my REI dividends. The color of it is groovy pink. Can ya dig?
-I’ve been tracking my calories this whole week. I can feel myself starting to slowly get nutty about it so I’m making sure to restrain myself as much as possible. I just need a rough idea, not exact perfect amounts.
-I’m getting a new work laptop, finally. Mine is an old piece of crap. My new one is really new. Like brand-spanking-nobody-else-in the-office-has-that-new-of-a-laptop new. I just want it to be fast.
-Still moving in. Guy still hasn’t moved all stuff out. Don’t get me started. I’m irritated.
-Warrior Dash this weekend!

Dinner was so much better than running.

Short recap: I ran, I was doing good, and then my arch started hurting again. Blah, blah, blah, I walked the half mile back home.

Dinner though. Mmmmmmmm. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE broccolini? It’s my favorite veggie ever. I love it so much more than broccoli. Plus, this dinner was awesome because I didn’t cook 5 pounds of pasta. It’s still a lot of pasta but not as bad normal. Progress. And I have more veggies than normal, so go me! Not pictured: home made garlic bread.

Mmmm, dinner.


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Our running shoes are really erasers. Every step erases a memory of a past failure. Every mile brings us closer to a clean slate. Each footstrike rubs away a word, a look, or an event that led us to believe that success was beyond our grasp.

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I made a green smoothie this morning. It was delicious. Orange juice, kale, banana, kiwi, and pineapple. Taylor informed me that he left his at home. I kinda wanna drive to the house and grab so I can have it all for myself.



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My hair is really attractive right now. It’s probably because I worked out! 30DS, level 1. GOD ALMIGHTY I am SO out of shape. Not being able to do anything for almost 4 months sucks. Those 25 minutes were a shock to the system. My legs are jello. The one nice thing- my stress fracture is totally healed. With all the jumping and bending I did on that foot I didn’t/don’t have any pain. Sweet.

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